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Slashtags gives developers tools to build secure and scalable peer-to-peer applications that put users in control of their profiles, contacts, accounts, and data.

Slashtags is open-source and modular.
No blockchain required.

The keys to a better web are in your hands.


Slashtags Features

Self-sovereignty starts with local-first apps and data.

A slashtag is a cryptographic keypair derived from the same seed as your Bitcoin wallet. Anyone can publish data using networked “drives” that are identified by keys the user controls, enabling a censorship-resistant peer-to-peer web.


Slashtags enables websites to offer passwordless accounts that users control. Accounts use a bidirectional noise-protocol handshake to mitigate MITM attacks, prevent insecure passwords, and make it harder for websites and users to be censored.


Slashtags Feeds are encryptable data streams for account data, news, price data, or ... anything! Similar to combining RSS feeds with API keys, Feeds can be included into any Slashtags app as modular widgets; they are portable windows into any database, from anywhere.


Slashtags allows your users to control and shape their own public profile, links, and payment preferences, so their contacts can reach them or pay them anytime. Profiles are portable across Slashtags-powered apps.


Slashtags allows any app to offer an upgraded, Bitcoin-integrated contacts experience that combines the dynamic capability to update your own profile with traditional phone contacts features.


Slashtags abstracts payment negotiation, so that users can pay each other quickly, without having to understand multiple invoice formats. Payment preferences can be specified and automated, abstracting away as many methods as peers mutually want to support.


The Slashtags Keychain uses a special key derivation that generates and organizes your keys from your Bitcoin seed. Soon, this Keychain will support multiple devices, profiles and account keys using “tweaks,” enabling users to respawn their entire digital life from one seed.


Slashtags allows service providers to ensure data availability for users by running a seeding server. Seeders have no ability to manipulate the key-locked drives, ensuring data integrity.


Slashtags enables your users to use Hyperdrives as file archives that contain automatic backups of their app data as an encrypted open-source alternative to cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, etc.


Demo widgets to spark
your imagination.

Below are some widgets that simulate various Slashtags use cases. You can use Bitkit, or any Slashtags-compatible app, to try these demos. This technology can be implemented by anyone, anywhere.


Slashtags SDK

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Slashtags is open-source and ready for code contributions from the community. Build anything you can imagine.

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